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                    Laser Marking on Almost Every Kind of Plastics

                    | The advantage of Security Seal Laser Marking


                    LASER MARKING
                    ON PLASTICS

                    Almost every kind of plastic (polycarbonate, ABS, polyamide, polyester, nylon and more) can be marked with the highest quality, quickly and permanently,although different plastics react differently to the laser marking process.

                    In fact, due to technical reasons, but mainly due to chemical reasons, it is not possible to make a blanket statement regarding the laser marking on plastics.

                    In any event, using different wavelengths and different laser sources (depending on the type of plastic you wish to mark), the overwhelming majority of plastic materials available can be marked with excellent results.

                    The pictures show a range of some plastic details that have been processed using laser marking plastic systems designed and manufactured by Chanxan.


                    Laser marking gives you absolute freedom in markings logos, graphics, barcodes and serial numbers on any type of plastic material.



                    Laser marking resists wear and tear, heat and contact with acids, ensuring, as is the case with complex data-matrix codes, full traceability of information over time.

                    HIGH DEFINITION

                    Laser allows marking any type of detail or content, even very small, with very high definition, guaranteeing utmost readability and quality.


                    Large volumes of components can be marked within a very short time without the need to re-fit or change machine tools.

                    HIGH CONTRAST

                    Using different laser sources (especially green and UV light) allows obtaining markings with a sharp contrast even on the hardest plastics (such as white POM, for example).


                    A laser marking system is resistant to wear and tear and does not require buying and disposing of expensive consumables such as inks, pastes or sprays.

                    | MARKING MATERIALS

                    MARKING MATERIALS
                    •    POLYAMIDE (PA)

                    • POLYCARBONATE (PC)

                    • PCB

                    • MYLAR

                    • POLYETHYLENE

                    • LAMINATED PLASTIC

                    • POLIIMMIDE (PI)

                    • POLYSTYRENE (PS)

                    • POLYMETHYLMETACRYLATE (PMMA)

                    • POLYETHYLENE (PE)

                    • POLYPROPYLENE (PP)

                    • POLYOSSIMETHYLENE (POM)

                    • POLISULPHONE (PSU, PPSU)

                    • POLYETERCHETONE (PEEK)


                    • POLYESTER (PES)

                    • THERMAL POLYETHYLENE (PET)

                    • SILICONE

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