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                    Thin gold and silver cutting machine -CX-100G

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                    Function and advantages of laser technology

                    For cutting precious metals very precise and fine cuts crucial. our machines are able to cut through the most difficult metallic materials such as precious metals: gold, silver (sterling, fine), platinum, and palladium. Because specialized laser equipment is required to cut highly reflective metals, Fine Laser Cut is a unique source of service for jewelry applications.

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                    Thin gold and silver cutting machine -CX-100GThin gold and silver cutting machine -CX-100GThin gold and silver cutting machine -CX-100GThin gold and silver cutting machine -CX-100G

                    Application examples for laser marking with bar codes and serial numbers

                    Here, laser marking proves to be a flexible and universal tool for a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes as well as the processing of dynamic and changing data. Parts are laser-marked at the highest speed and absolute precision, while wear is minimal.

                    Line and 2D codes, like serial numbers, are already used in most industries, such as (e.g. the automotive industry, medical technology, or electronics industry), in order to make products or individual parts traceable. The codes (mostly data matrix or bar codes) contain information regarding the parts properties, production data, batch numbers and much more. Such component marking must be readable in a simple manner and partially also electronically and have a lasting durability. 


                    • thick enraving on gold

                      thick enraving on gold

                    • thick engraving

                      thick engraving

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                      Precision Laser Cutting

                    • Laser Cutting Jewelry

                      Laser Cutting Jewelry

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